Tune Up


Your body is an amazing engineering and mechanical masterpiece (well at least that’s how they usually start out), which just like other mechanical items can require tune ups to identify issues before they become a problem.

Certain injuries and conditions often benefit from a semi regular physiotherapy appointment to help keep the joints, muscles and nervous system running smoothly. By doing this, your issues should give you less pain, better function and in the long run usually fewer appointments in total.

Who would benefit from this?
This list isn’t exhaustive but gives you an idea of when semi-regular physiotherapy treatment can be beneficial in managing injury and conditions: –
People who regularly exercise or are involved heavily in sport often benefit from a regular massage/trigger relief therapy whether they have a history of injuries or not. This helps prevent overuse injuries and gets on top of those little ‘niggles’ quickly before they become a bigger problem requiring time of from sport or exercise.

– likewise, people with physical jobs who are often loading their bodies in repetitive and/or strenuous ways – chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis (particularly spinal crush fractures), scoliosis and fibromyalgia.
– recurring injuries or pain, whether it be back, shoulders, hips, knees. This includes pain from bursitis, headache sufferers and postural related neck/back pain.

The type of treatment (massage, joint mobilisation, progressive exercise prescription), and the frequency of appointments (anywhere from weekly to six weekly) will vary depending on the individual and the condition that is being managed. If you are unsure whether you would benefit from a more regular approach to physiotherapy treatment then call us at Arana Hills Physiotherapy. We are happy to help and give you honest advice if regular visits would be right for you. You may also like to check out some of our other blogs with exercises you can do at home to help manage pain and injury more effectively. In particular, if you suffer with tight & sore muscles than it is worth looking at our foam roller blog as over the coming months we will start packaging some of our more common products together at reduced prices. Check out our Home Physio Pack which includes a foam roller, spikey ball and pocket physio.