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Superhero Kids



Our child physio classes are designed to aid in child development and fitness for children aged 4 to 14 yrs. They are delivered in a fun way and The Superhero Program is targeted around the areas of the body where many children are lacking critical muscle development and control. These core muscles or postural control play a part in almost all activities from sitting to standing and walking to running, and play an essential role trying to stabilise their growing bodies.
Exercise classes specifically designed for children aged 4-14years. These classes are run by a physiotherapist in small groups of up to 8 participates at a time BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL. These classes are tailored to meet individual needs and target specific goals. While also providing education and ideas for further development at home.

Children who would benefit greatly from this would be those:

• Flexibility
• Balance
• Coordination
• Core strength
• Endurance
• Strength

Who’s this program designed for?
Children who would benefit greatly from this would be those:

• Occasionally un-coordinated
• Get tired easily
• Fall over frequently
• Have difficulty sitting up straight
• Complaining of aches and pains

With regular attendance, improvements can be seen in concentration, posture, general fitness and other areas of day to day activity including improvements in their chosen sport. Your child can use this class as, general or casual maintenance program, injury rehab or your new exciting sport and fitness class. The choice is 100% yours and we will help to support and achieve your goals, whatever they maybe.
We do ask you make an appointment with our Superhero Program Captain, Christine to assess your child, their individual needs and capabilities and understand your goals for their participation in this program. This consultation is health fund claimable as are our classes.

Superhero Class Information
• 4-8yrs TUESDAY 3.30pm - 4.30pm
• 9-14yrs THURSDAY 4.30pm - 5.30pm
Classes run for 45 minutes – 15 minutes extra allows for any face to face questions or concerns and to ensure everyone is starting the class on time (late entry will not be accepted).
Classes run continually throughout the year, this allows consistency and routine. However, this does not lock you in; you can choose to pay as you go or pay for a 10 class pack and attend all year round. Consecutive classes allow for best results and pack prices are by far the best value for money.
• $25 casual class (pay as you go)
• $200 10 Class Pack ($20 per class)
Health fund rebates apply. For more information about your rebate contact your health fund directly and ask about rebates for group physio classes (code 560).