Backs for your Future: our Back & Neck pain program

Welcome to our new Back and Neck pain rehabilitation program.


We’re seeing some great successes with it. It’s not your old school rehab program; graduates of this program are lifting weights and exercising at quite high intensity without fear of pain.


What is the program?


  • Fitter, healthier back

  • Reduced pain and reduced pain reoccurrence

  • Build Confidence 

Combined exercise program

  • Weight training

  • Pilates 

  • Functional Training

  • Body Weight Exercise

  • Mobility and flexibility 


12 week rehabilitation program addressing

  • musculoskeletal deficits

  • psychosocial factors related to back and neck pain


Wholly individualised programs based on a patient’s functional ability and movement tolerances and intolerances.

We know you're busy and unlikely to make it down to check out our rehab gym. Here's a video - meet some of our patients who ‘used to have back pain’.  Barbara had standard ongoing lower back pain, Al had long standing lower back pain from a career in the military. Also see our Physios demonstrating some of our course exercise content. 


Phase One

  • Individual consultation: Assessment, diagnosis, clear treatment pathway and a plan for the future. 

  • Individual consultation to reduce pain as required

  • Individual consultation for pain education and exercise prescription


Phase Two

  • Exercise in pairs or smalls groups to encourage compliance


Phase Three

  • Independent exerciser; skills, knowledge and confidence for independent exercise either at home or most commonly continued in our rehab gym on their own or teamed with someone else from the program. 

Quick Referral Snapshot

Backs for the Future

How many treatments:

  • 1 x Initial appt 45 minutes: Individual Appointment with Physio for diagnosis and assessment of current functionality  

  • Gym rehab sessions (in pairs)- 45 minutes teach and supervise exercises for improved mobility and strength 

  • Subsequent Individual physio as required to manage pain and progress during program


$85 individual session & subsequent 30 minute sessions as required to manage pain and progress

$62.50 small groups

Availability: Patients may start immediately

Outcomes: decreased pain, improved function, increased self management, reduced fear avoidance, increased strength and mobility, return to work, return to previous lifestyle.

Referrals appropriate for:

Private Patients

Workcover & DVA where appropriate

EPC where appropriate

EPC: Gap is applicable for patients not holding a current Health Care Card. Only health Care Card holders are bulk billed. 

Refer to

David Allan, Physiotherapist 267962Y


Andy McGree, Physiotherapist 5665979W

Patient Link - your patients can see more of the program following this link:

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