Fed up with boring exercise? We were too.


Fed up with being injured, fed up with boring exercise programs, fed up not achieving your goal, fed up with starting AGAIN & AGAIN? 


Right from the start what you need to know is that base camp is NOT A GYM. 

We have taken the most effective and the most fun elements from various philosophies (Pilates, CrossFit, High Intensity Interval Training, Sports Rehab and others) and put it under one roof.

How do I start?

Step 1. Book a Physio assessment to establish goals, assess previous injuries and current physical abilities.

Step 2. Work with your physio to decide what type of program will work for you​

  • independent membership with a self directed program

  • group classes

  • mixture of both.

Step 3. Induction to base camp with your Physio and be introduced to your tailored program.


Step 4. Get started, get serious and take responsibility for your health.

Base camp monthly membership is $80 per month.



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