Base Camp

A Basecamp is where you gather everything you need to start your adventure.

A Base Camp is where you

can get serious.

We are the only physio clinic in North West Brisbane with a fully equipped functional gym.

Who is Base Camp For ?

It's for everyone that wants;

  • to get the best from themself. 

  •  return to full fitness after injury or illness.

  • prevent injury.

 Here is everything  you need to conquer your own adventure.

  • Free weights.

  • kettlebells.

  • pilates machines.

  • Suspension TRX trainers.

  • Functional trainers.

  • Assault free runner & air bike.

  • Ski erg and rowing erg.

  • Sleds and ropes

  • Agility equipment.

Base Camp is about creating success for you.

  • Independent gym access

  • Individual physio developed programs for strength, mobility and fitness

  • Running programs

  • Group classes

  • Everything required to climb your personal strength, mobility and fitness mountain.

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Text line- 0400868974

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