Exercise is the best medicine.


aims to prevent or manage acute, sub-acute or chronic disease or injury, and assist in restoring one’s optimal physical function, health or wellness.

Our Exercise Physiologist provides interventions that are exercise-based and include health and physical activity education, advice and support and lifestyle modification with a strong focus on achieving behavioural change.


Osteoporosis & Osteopenia is a disease that makes bones become brittle leading to a higher risk of breaks than in normal bone.


Osteoporosis occurs when bones lose minerals, such as calcium, more quickly than the body can replace them, causing a loss of bone thickness (bone density or mass).


It is a common disease that effects over 1 million Australians, but regular physical activity and exercise can play an important role increases the size, strength and capacity of our muscles. 


  • Resistance training for osteoporosis to increase bone density and strength is very important in combating this condition.

  • Weight bearing exercises for osteoporosis are essential.

  • Frequency and consistency. It is recommended that you do at least 2 sessions per week.

  • Osteoporosis home exercise program is important to complement your resistance training

  • Balance. better balance leads to a reduce risk of falling which in turn decreases risk of breaking a bone.


Doctors often recommend exercise but can be uncertain what is safe and the most effective form of movement for osteoporosis. Even the local gym will not normally have staff with the level of expertise to prescribe and supervise an appropriate exercise program to build bone. 


We are an official licensee of the Bone Clinic, and are proud to provide the highly successful program. Unlike other clinics, our Base Camp facilities means that you can optimise your sessions. 

Base Camp gym on-site at Arana Hills Physiotherapy means that you can get the expert, qualified supervision that you need to maximise your exercise physiology workout.


How the program works:

  • Initial 60 min consultation with our Sophie, our exercise physiologist who heads up the program

  • Depending on your level of experience, 1- 2 follow up sessions to get familiar with the exercises.

  • Small group sessions, 2 - 3/week that are supervised by our exercise physiologist.

  • The small group sessions are recommended at 2- 3 per week. 

  • Instead of paying per session we charge weekly allowing you to get the most out of the program.


Health fund rebates apply. 

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