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This is the home of the Arana Hills Physiotherapy Student Hub.

Here you'll find links to our Student portal, holiday request forms and change to enrolment forms.


Below are our terms of attendance. If you're new to us or haven't previously read and accepted the terms of attendance please do so now.




Nov 5th - Jan 27th (two weeks off Xmas / New Year)


Term 1. Jan 28th - 7th April

Term 2. 8th April- 16th June

Term 3. 17th June - 25th August

Term 4. 26th August - 3rd November

Term 5. 4th November - 25th Jan 2020


Physio Assessments

An increasing number of health funds require members to be under the individual supervision of a physiotherapist in order to rebate their group classes. Every new student is required to complete an initial assessment and we will periodically suggest a ‘reassesssment’ in line with health fund requirements and physiotherapy best practice.


Public Holidays - with the exception of Ekka holidays (when we do work) we do not work on public holidays. If your class falls on a public holiday your class will not be held and you will not be charged for the missed class.


Payments: Permanent membership may be paid monthly by direct debit or paid per term block (10 weeks). Casual members purchase their block sessions as and when required. They can be billed through the portal or pay at reception.


Permanent Members

  • may book a repeating weekly reservation in one or more classes per week

  • When unable to attend a permanent booking students may use the student portal to notify (up to two hours before a class) and this will automatically generate a make up class

  • The portal works two weeks in advance. If you know you are unable to attend dates further in advance to this you may alert reception and we will create a make up for that date. You may attend your make up prior to your absence.


Make ups classes

  • Students can book make up classes for their missed class before the end of term through the student portal

  • Any unused make up classes may be forfeited at the end of the 10 weeks - you may apply to us to have the make ups carried over to the new term before the end of the current one

  • Make up classes may not be credited in a dollar value against the following term or refunded as cash, they must be utilised as a class attendance


Rolling enrolments

We assume you are a permanent member term to term in your requested class. If you would like to change please fill in the change of enrolment form


Changes to Enrolment

Holidays If you are aware you are going on holidays or need a ‘time out’ for surgery or for life you may apply for a ‘do not bill’ period to your permanent membership (classes not to be charged and make ups not to be accrued - these should be applied for before the commencement of a new term).


Providing your previous class attendance has exceeded 70% we will keep your permanent spot warm for your return. You can apply for leave up to four weeks once a year.


Ending enrolments If you need longer than 4 weeks off from class or you would like to call it quits for a while you can end your enrolment with 2 weeks notice. You are of course welcome back anytime.


Permanent Perks From time to time Arana Hills Physio host extra sessions for permanent members eg free summer time water running and water fitness classes at Little Big swim Bunya and extra sessions for permanent members every December to preempt Xmas indulgence.


Casual Membership

Casual members will be enrolled in a ‘do not attend class (Sunday at 5am) on our student portal - this is allow you access to our student portal. Please do not attend; it’s for admin purposes only


Casual members book their classes up to two weeks in advance through the portal


Casual members should use their block of 10 classes within 20 weeks of commencement or the classes may be forfeited.

By filling in the below form I am accepting the
Terms of Attendance
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