Taking the best components of pilates matwork and other bodyweight training. This class is for those who want to build a stronger core and hips. 



Moving up a level from the matwork session. This challenges your core, hips and upper body at another level.


Pilates reformers , 

TRx suspension trainers.


Strength & Cardio circut

Pilates meets TRx meets crossfit meets functional training.

Designed for all ages to strengthen;

Your core.

lower and upper body.

& Improve endurance

3 different class types are available to suit your needs and capability.

You won't leave wondering why you came.

Stronger bones program

In conjunction with the bone clinic we run sessions from Monday to Friday.

For more detail 

group fitness

Our group classes work in 10 week terms (you can join us at any time).


To become a permanent member book into the term time that best suits you and guarantee your place in our program .. 


Casual members attend a minimum of one class a fortnight and book 7 days ahead of time using the mindbody app. Casual membership in class is subject to class availability 

Our class sizes are strictly limited. We keep our class size small.

Booking are essential.

Claiming through private health funds

To comply with private health funds, a prerequisite for classes is an initial individual appointment with a physio to;

  • discuss your goals,

  • your injury and fitness history.

  • Ensure the class is specific to your needs.

  • and go through the class programming so you can hit the ground running, so to speak.


Permanent membership may be paid in full one week before term commences.

One class time a week - $20 per class ($200 per term)

Two classes per week - $18 per class

($360 per term) - two booking price can be shared between two family members.

Reformer Classes - $30 per class per week

($300 per term)

Mash Up - One reformer class plus one other class per week $46 per week ($460 per term)

Casual membership- Casual booking are self managed and can be booked up to 7 days in advance.

Casual classes are purchased in a block of 10 classes for $200 and must be used within 20 weeks.

Unused classes expire and may not be exchanged for credit or refund.

Casual attendance: Individual classes are $25 per class. We are a membership studio and casual attendance may be used while deciding which type of membership and class format will best suit you. Casual attendance may only be used for more than 4 consecutive classes with the approval of the Pilates director.


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