Catching some zzz's ..the power of sleep.

Sleep and Exercise Recovery.

Let’s talk about exercise and your sleep! The two are intertwined in a way that is often overlooked and we will be exploring this deeper.

Sleep and pain.

The link between sleep and pain has been investigated extensively over the past few decades. Lack of sleep or insomnia exacerbates existing pain and predicts onset of acute flare ups of pain.

Studies have also demonstrated that sleep quality predicts pain severity, better quality sleep can help reduce pain levels and vice versa.

How to get a better night’s sleep?

It’s been shown through exercise, most people will experience a deeper sleep due to decrease in arousals throughout the night and wake feeling more refreshed.

How does this help our bodies?

The increase in quality of sleep will improves cardiovascular health, increases immune function and helps you to manage stress or anxiety more effectively. A good night’s sleep can also aid in hormone levels associated with appetite and prevent overeating.

What type of exercise to help sleep?

Let’s discuss the type of exercise and how this will impact your sleep. Exercise can be rated through intensity, moderate intensity exercise means you could still hold a conversation, for example a brisk walk. High intensity exercise is at a higher level of exertion, for example running or swimming.

What does this all mean; how do these levels of intensity impact your sleep quality?

It’s shown if you complete a high intensity exercise session, you will have a better quality of sleep than a moderate intensity session. This is through an improved sleep cycle as high intensity session kicks the body into recovery mode, sending it into a deeper sleep. Improve your sleep through a higher intensity training schedule, improve your cardiovascular health, immune system and mental health!

Better sleep can help with your motivation to train?

A bad night’s sleep can make you feel unmotivated, tired and not energised to exercise. With this in mind, exercising a moderate intensity after your bad night’s sleep is a great idea. This will ensure your body is refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

Here are some other great tips on how to improve your sleep.

This is from the genius minds at and is a great guide to improving sleep quality.

Work out, fuel your body and have a good sleep to improve your performance!

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