Covid-19 etiquette: Helping each other stay safe when at the clinic.

Physiotherapy is still considered an ‘Essential Service’ and we are

happy to continue to treat our community’s injuries; let’s keep each

other safe while we go about that.

We want to THANK you for your support during these very interesting

times. We love our jobs and we feel very supported by our community.

What you can do to help us out

• Continue to come to your regular appointments (except if you are sick, in isolation or recently come back from overseas)

• If you are not going to make your appointment, please notify us so we

can make plans around this.

• If you ARE sick or isolated, give us a call so we can give you some

tips or provide a video consultation – we don’t want you in any unneeded


• If you are rehabbing an injury and your gym or exercise class has been

cancelled, we can provide staggered entry into our rehabilitation

facility – 1 person per 40 meters square. Maximum of 3 people at once.

• Keep an eye out for our online exercise videos.

When you come to the clinic

• Please bring your own towel

• Please arrive just on time for your appointment. This may mean staying

in your care until just before your appointment time.

• Please respect social distancing while in the clinic – we have two

waiting rooms – please spread out.

• Please do not come if you are in any way sick – ring to cancel and we

can arrange to have a chat with you or do a video consult. You don’t

need to miss out if you’re sick but you do need to stay home.

• Wash your hands – there is a hand basin and soap in both sides of the

clinic and hand sanitiser EVERYWHERE.

• If you are exercising, wipe down anything you have touched with the

spray sanitisers available around the clinic.

What we are doing to ensure the clinic is safe for you

• Washing our hands A LOT, we always did this a lot anyway but we’re OCD

about it now.

• Hand sanitising like it’s a religion

• Changing towels and pillowcases very regularly as well as using

disposable plastic face sheets for each patient

• Using hospital grade wipes for the face cushions and face sheets over

the treatment beds if you are required to lie on your stomach during


• Every piece of equipment a patient uses gets wiped down after use and

at regular times throughout the day

• Maintaining social distancing when we are able to.

Social isolation is tricky, people move less , that and stress can

exacerbate previous injuries. We are here, to keep you moving, to treat

your injuries and to be an anchor of stability in these very interesting


Stay safe but keep moving


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