Stuck for ideas? a quick guide to help you out, What you could do , how to do it and why you should be doing it !

Here are 10 great activities you could be doing .

1. Bush walking

2. Cycling – either indoors or outdoors

3. Jogging

4. Swimming

5. Rowing

6. Brisk walking with the dog

7. Kayaking

8. Ski Ergo in the gym

9. Skipping

10. Running

How hard do I work?! What’s enough?

Do you ever wonder if you’re working hard enough? This scale provides you with a great way to monitor just how much effort you need to put in. Remember, this is how YOU feel, everyone’s level is always different, so work to your level of intensity.

How long do I exercise for?

Throughout the week if you schedule in 30minutes of moderate cardio exercise – remembering this means you can still hold a conversation while you exercise – for 5 days a week you’re on track! In total, you will need about 150minutes per week, this can be broken down as you like and doing whatever type of cardio exercise you enjoy.

FIVE fantastic benefits of why should you improve your cardio fitness?

1. Feeling stressed, anxious, depressed or fatigued?

After just 5 minutes of exercising it’s shown the endorphins begin to flow and this can improve your mood. Exercise also helps us to sleep, something we often miss when we are feeling stressed which compounds our anxiety or depression further.The benefits of cardiovascular fitness go beyond that of general health, but improving your psychological health too.

2. Increased cardiovascular fitness decreases your risk of serious disease.

Metabolic diseases such as diabetes, decreases your risk of some cancers and cardiovascular disease. This includes improving your blood pressure, decreasing cholesterol, increases the function of your heart and your lung function. Ever wondered why you’re feeling puffed walking up the stairs? A lack of cardio fitness may be the answer!

3. Looking to lose a few kilos?

It’s time for cardio! Add in intervals into your cardio fitness training, for example a hill during your bush walking or up the intensity for 30 seconds throughout your bike ride to stimulate the body into fat burning mode. If you’re already enjoying weight lifting in the gym or at home, save some time by interval cardio throughout your session.

4. Let’s get social!

Join a sporting club, attend a gym class or simply go for a jog or swim with a friend. The benefits of cardio fitness goes beyond that of just physiological improvements, but psychological strain associated with loneliness.

5. All ages can do it!

Take the kids for a cycle, jog with friends, swim with your husband or wife, or perhaps a bush walk with your parents. Keeping everyone moving will improve coordination, strength and decrease risk of illness from a young age through to the elderly.

The best way to stay motivated, accountable and enjoy your cardiovascular exercise is with a friend. It’s a great way to catch up and stay healthy.

If you need help getting started on your fitness journey you can book for an exercise physiology assessment here.


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