Is this the best Glute exercise ever ?

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

How to get the most out of one of best physio exercises for glute strength and control !

Monster walks… or resisted side stepping is a fantastic exercise for getting those lazy glutes firing! It is also a fantastic, and possibly under used, tool in the rehab of ankle sprains.

We use this exercise for many conditions including back pain, hip pain, knee pain and ankle pain. So the question is, where is the best spot to put the band?

A recent study (Lewis et al, 2018) has compared glute (max and med) and TFL activation with the different band placements knees, ankles and feet (finally our answer is here!).

First up here is a demonstration of the variations of the monster walks.

What the science behind glute exercises tells us.

Research has found that glut activity INCREASES as the band placement goes from knees to ankles, and increasing again when the band is around the feet. Another good point to make is that the LOWEST activation of TFL was found when the band was around the feet – this means it’s a perfect exercise for those with an overactive TFL/ITB which may be contributing to the patient’s hip or knee pain.

Here the sciency research bit, thanks to @physionetwork

How you can get the most out of this glute exercise.

So is putting the band around my knees totally pointless? The answer is HELL NO! Band around knees still gets those glutes firing and can definitely be used as a early stage exercise when the patient may find ankles/feet placement too difficult. Ideally as you get stronger, that band gets lower i.e. ankles then finally around your feet.

Haven’t tried the feet version? Have a go, it’s a sneaky killer and great for ankle sprain rehab as well !


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