Spice up your Ex[ercise] life, the best methods to get more from your exercise plan.

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Number 1

Escalating Density Training

One of the hardest things to do when exercising is to make the mundane seem like fun. These methods don't have to be just for rehab after injury but also long term strength and fitness. So over the next few weeks we wil look at some good options that others have put together and have passed the Arana Hills testing proceedure,( that's using ourselves as lab rats).

EDT or escalating density training is a program made popular by Charles Staley. This is brilliant in its simplicity and also fantastic for time poor individuals. If done properly you wont stop moving for up to 20 minutes !

Here is how it works;

Take two movements and pair them up, choose your exercises to reflect the goal you are looking for. The exercises can work opposite movements to each other e.g bicep curls or tricep press, or different body parts e.g squats and push ups.

I've used this for bodyweight exercises, Dumbell work, Deadballs , the TRx and even the pilates reformer to really good effect. There is no limit to what you can do.

From a rehab perspective here are some great pairings that i would do for 10 -12 reps or 30 secs, (or longer) for each exercise, then resting 10 -30 seconds between pairs. You do as many rounds of these two exercises in 10 - 20 minutes as you can.

Heres a simple explantaion and demonstration

Lumbar core strength:

Rocking plank & Curl Up.

Bird dog & Deadbug.

Hip Strength:

Single leg hip bridge & Step up.

Shoulder Rehab:

W Row & Dumbell shoulder press.

Lateral raises & Dumbell rows.

For more advanced rehab or strength training these are great pairings with weight:

When selecting a weight for this level of exercise use a 10 RM, ( 10 reps before failure) or 7-8 out of 10 effort type weight.

Do only 5-7 reps for the first exercise with the desired weight and then 5-7 reps for the next one. Rest for 10-30 secs between pairings. As you progress the reps will get lower as you get more fatigued.

The goal is to do maximum reps for both exercises in 10 -20 minutes

  • Bench press & Bent over row.

  • Shoulder press & Pull ups.

  • Bicep curls & close grip bench press.

Full body training:

  • Deadlift & chin ups

  • Squat & Overhead press

  • Kettlebell swing & Kettlebell Overhead squat.

  • Burpees & Push ups

  • TRx Chest press & TRx incline row.

If one pairing is not enough there is no reason you can't make it a triple treat by adding an exercise. Or just do a second pairing after completing the first round.

Really the choices are endless and its entirely up to you and what the goals are.

For 10 -2 minutes you can put in a really good little workout and get the most out of your rehab.



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