Run for your life

 Strength training for runners

Runners run, it's what we do. Good luck getting us to sleep in or skip a run without extreme grumpiness. 

Most of our injuries are from overuse; certain parts of our body are not strong enough to tolerate the repetitive impact of running, that's when pain and injuries occur.

Strength program for running trails or half marathons

IOne shoe doesn't fit every foot and a generic runners' strength program doesn't fit every BODY. 


Every BODY is different and the reason for your running pains may be very different to a fellow runner with the same injury.

12 week program

Phase 1 - Activation

Assuming you're not currently sidelined by injury, this is your starting line. 

If you are currently injured book in to see us for treatment and we'll get you started here when you're recovered.

Appointment 1 -

One hour running assessment 

  • Specific gait analysis

  • Goals discussed

  • Strengths and weaknesses identified


Appointment 2 -

Individual Training Program

  • Meet your new 4-week strength and conditioning program

  • Build strength around your most vulnerable injury points.

Phase 2 - Strength Phase


This is your Accountability Check.


A time to check your progress and build your strength

Four week have passed.

You've been super awesome at executing your strength and conditioning program.

How are you progressing? Ideally you've built strength around your vulnerable injury points. 


In Phase 3 we discuss any road blocks and set new goals. 

Phase 3- Power training for running .


Meet your new program that will challenge you to becoming the runner you've always wanted to be.

  •  Advanced power exercises.

  • Plyometrics & bounding.

  • Specific running exercises.

Thats what awaits you in this phase.


Get ready to go, go , go...

Online Running Program 

Can't make it into see us ?

Purchase an online program to get you started.

 4 Week Strength and Conditioning program What its all about…

4 week program – 3x workouts a week (including 3 different versions based on the equipment you have) plus added optional accessories Ideal for people to do at home OR those who attend a gym.

Designed for those short on time – most workouts about 15-20mins Video guidance + technique tips for each exercise – all accessible through website channel.

Designed by a physiotherapist specically for runners – targeting the most common weaknesses found in runners:

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